Thank you for entering our site. We are currently in the building process, and it will be completed soon. Until then, please contact us at our main office 561.338.9103 and/or

Our services for you at the Casa consist of:

Spiritual Counseling, Biofeedback with Indigo, Neuro-Feedback, Informational Conferences, Spiritual & Biofeedback Circles, and we feature the Quantum Scaler cold wave laser and the wonderful Crystal light bed.

We also share stories of our successes with herbs and  vitamins, as well as, stories of many people who have used our products to address parasites, tick bites, and other live organisms that have caused havoc in their bodies creating many emotional and actual physical problems.

                         We look forward to hearing from you!

As always, Blessings to you from,
Saundra Cortese, Joan Cavalcante,Yolanda Garcia and Allie Lynum


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